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We had a fantastic time at the Wrestling cookout there. We had about 90 people there! Thank you to all our parents for showing up and bringing food (and their kids). It is always great to hang with our wrestling family.

Out of 240 tickets, our winners from yesterday are:

Edgewood Clothing- Jon Allen
$20- Terry Haynes
Edgewood Clothing- Pat Degain
Bengals Preseason Tickets- Gary Bland
$100- Karen Bradburn
$100- Danny Stalcup
Bears Preseason Game (Wrestler)- Cash Turner
Season Tickets- Betty Haworth


Final Season Results:
Zane Sullivan- WIC 1st, Sec. 2nd
Zach Lane- WIC 2nd, Sec. 5th
Carson Deckard- WIC 2nd
Daniel Bradburn- WIC 1st, Sec. 6th
Levi Swinney- WIC 3rd, Sec. 6th
David Hannah- WIC 1st, Sec. 1st, Reg. 2nd
Denver Aydelott- WIC 1st, Sec. 3rd
Rhett Blake- WIC 1st, Sec. 1st, Reg 2nd
Gabe Koontz- WIC 1st, Sec. 1st, Reg 1st, SS 3rd, State 5th
Eyan Coldren- WIC 3rd, Sec. 4th
Ty Robinson- Sec.4th
David Wilson- WIC 3rd, Sec. 3rd, Reg 4th
Cody Gaunt- WIC 5th
Jordan Headdy- WIC 4th, Sec. 6th

Congrats to Gabe Koontz for signing to wrestle for Indiana University!

Stay tuned here for all your Edgewood Mustang wrestling news and information.

Wrestlers wanting to watch film can go to: HUDL